Onni diletto et ogni bel piacere – Compagnia dell’Asino che porta la Croce

It’s an invitation to delights and pleasures as medieval poetry precepts.
This latest work of the Compagnia dell’ asino che porta la croce shows the usual search that marks their musical course through many stiles, forms and sources.
Traditional Balcanic music appears together with medieval tunes and songs in regular form by the French poet and musician Guillaume de Machaut (1300-1377) .
The work follows the practice of a playful dialogue between different archaic sonorities, more than a real contamination with modern kinds of music.
The Middle Ages are an opportunity, a starting point, to undertake a wide search which creates curiosity and suggestion for the listeners. It isn’t just the aim of a philologist search.
It’s a space that goes from North to South, from Continental Europe to the Mediterranean Sea .It’s one heterogeneous universe full of instruments that were probably used by the Middle Ages musicians: hurdy-gurdy and Finnish keyed vielle, shawn and recorders, darabukka and Macedonian tapan, medieval harp and Persian psaltery.


01 Skudrinka
02 Quant voi l’erbe reverdir
03 Ay, mi!
04 Se je chante, ce fait amour
05 Je vivroie liement
06 El mois d’avril
07 Tsakonikos
08 Maqam bayati
09 Ave donna santissima
10 Che ti çova
11 Amor dolçe / Ogne homo
12 Gaetta
13 Magdalena degna da laudare
14 Dokumaci kislar
15 Nas mentes senpre teer